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Facts & figures


  • 20 partners across North America, Europe and Asia
  • $2.5 million+ awarded in research funding
  • 200+ projects supported

University partnerships

Collaborating on world-class research
Our partnerships with other universities and networks open up global opportunities for students and staff. Collaboration increases the quality of our research, improves teaching and learning, and sparks innovation.

Our closest strategic partnerships are dynamic and research led. They provide funding for multidisciplinary research and teaching projects that address the global challenges of the 21st century.

Likewise, our participation in international networks connects us to like-minded universities around the world and ensures that we remain at the forefront of transnational research exchanges.

Student exchange takes place with many of our partners, and in some cases we have established Super Exchange Agreements to facilitate the exchange of up to 100 students from each institution annually.

Read about our current university partners and networks below.



Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) 武汉大旺本贸易有限公司

As one of 20 institutional members of the WUN, we have the opportunity to welcome researchers from all over the world through the Research Mobility Program.

We also support our local researchers tackling global issues by encouraging submissions to the competitive Research Development Fund each year.

Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU) 威海谦汇辉机械有限公司

We foster transnational cooperation in education, research and enterprise through our membership with APRU, a global alliance of universities in the Asia-Pacific region. APRU has strengthened bonds between 50 higher education and research institutions in 17 economies.

In November 2017, we hosted an Asia-Pacific Women in Leadership workshop with APRU, looking at how universities can achieve culture change through innovation and deliver practical solutions based on best practice. Keynote speakers were Professor Jane Latimer from the University of Sydney’s School of Public Health and Lieutenant General David Morrison AO, former Chief of Army.

In July 2018 we hosted APRU’s Undergraduate Leaders’ Program, a 10-day course that enables students from diverse backgrounds and cultures to enhance their leadership skills and cross-cultural competency.

We are proud to be a knowledge partner of the OECD, an organisation committed to promoting policies that will improve economic and social wellbeing around the world.

Our subject matter experts participate in annual OECD forums and research fellowships, connecting our academic community with researchers, key policy and decision-makers.


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